Avoid Business Blunders

Social Media – Bridge The Gap.

I know I bang on and on about the importance of Social Media to business, but it is pretty imperative! I’m hoping it is getting through to you

As I might have mentioned, businesses are increasingly turning to social media for enhanced exposure with a minimal bottom line. It also, (when used effectively) promotes greater customer service and improved brand awareness.

Unfortunately, the trigger happy nature of the beast can also lead to mishaps and devastating mistakes with the simple push of a button, or touch of a screen, depending on where you’re coming from.

While there are a few social media etiquette rules that are obvious, (nobody needs to know your toilet habits), there are some not so recognizable mistakes that you might still be making.

With that in mind, below you will find a guide to help you avoid embarrassing faux-pas, use it as your one stop guide to today’s top social media network’s etiquette!


  • If someone takes the time to comment or ask a question, don’t ignore them, don’t make them feel unloved. Try to respond to every comment, even the annoying ones. Always remember, the opinions of others matter. You never know who is watching and reading and, in responding, you might turn around a negative situation or gain respect with your timely (and appropriate) response.
  • Use Hashtags wisely and sparingly. A plethora looks like spam. Use one or two relevant hashtags.
  • Know when to post for maximum engagement. Pay attention to your analytics and note when your fans are most active.
  • Always provide value. Your goal is to be a resource to your fans. Educate, inform and entertain. Don’t spend the majority of your time spamming your own wall with promotional content. Find your fan’s need and fill it daily.


Twitter has changed the way businesses communicate with consumers. No longer does the customer have to pick up the phone to connect with you, they can talk to you (and everybody else) immediately in 140 characters. Twitter gives potential clients easy access to your company. Here’s how to work it;

  • Keep it succinct, but relevant. You only have 140 characters to share your message.
  • Be quick in responding to comments and questions. Patience is not a virtue in today’s world.
  • Avoid ranting; keep your posts positive and upbeat! No one needs to know about your bad day.
  • Find a balance between business and personal tweets. People want to get to know the person behind the brand.
  • Use Twitter to listen to what’s being said about your business. Respond in a conversational and authentic way.

Google Plus.

Affiliated to the world’s largest search engine… you’d be foolish not to test the marketing waters of Google Plus. Here is our set of dos and don’ts;

  • Let the conversation flow. Always mention users when you comment or respond to promote conversation.
  • If you share someone else’s work (and you should), be sure to give credit where credit is due. This builds reciprocity and credibility.
  • Don’t just share posts for the sake of sharing. Distribute content that is relevant for your followers and always inject your personal view.
  • Use circles to manage your relationships. Use specific groups such as co-workers or industry influencers.
  • Google Plus lets you format your posts. Make sure that they are aesthetically appealing and easy to read


As one of the newer networks on the block, Instagram is rife with embarrassing errors.  What should and shouldn’t you be doing?

  • Let followers naturally connect with you. Never ask for a follow.
  • Be considerate and limit your number of posts. Nobody wants your content to fill up their entire feed.
  • You get what you give. Engage with other people’s photos and give them a reason to engage with yours.
  • Use hashtags where appropriate, but don’t use hashtags that aren’t relevant to your photo.


LinkedIn is the largest online professional network, is an excellent resource for job seekers and brands alike, read below to avoid making errors;

  • Fill out a complete profile. You never know where your next opportunity might come from.
  • LinkedIn is a professional medium, so keep your posts and interaction industry related.
  • Always send a custom connection request and then follow-up with a well-crafted welcome/thank you letter.
  • Resist the urge to send mass requests for recommendations or endorsements. Be specific and ensure you only ask somebody who has the knowledge to endorse your skills and talents.
  • Contribute as much as possible in LinkedIn groups. They’re a great place to build relationships and raise awareness.


Pinterest is fast becoming a great go-to social network for business. Unfortunately, many people are still unsure about the correct way to use it! Avoid the pitfalls with our rules:

  • Do pin all of your content. From blog posts to videos, add your branded content to relevant boards.
  • Share other people’s content to your boards to create a diverse and rich pinning experience for your followers, be educational.
  • Do complete the description for every pin and make your pin “searchable.”
  • Don’t ever edit the link when pinning other people’s content. Make sure content links to its original source.
  • Space out your pins so you’re not spamming follower news feed with an immense of amount of content all at once.
  • Do follow other relevant pinners that are consistent in their efforts and pay attention to their best practices.

If you have any questions about any of the above, just speak to us today. 01795 430030 or email: design@marketingrescue.co.uk

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