Colour Me Happy!

Does this picture make you feel calm and peaceful?

Just how important is the notion of colour to your Marketing?

The wonders of modern technology mean that we can do so much more with our marketing than the bog standard black and while email of old. No longer do our letters have to look like essays, we can pretty much add any texture, shape sound or smell that we want to!  Now, it goes without saying that your logo and brand must stand out and of course be consistent, but how important are the colours throughout the rest of your marketing?

After doing a bit of research, I found that there are seven main colours used in this vein, all promoting a variety of emotions and feelings, have a read to see your if your favourite hues will have the effect you desire!

Black. Strictly speaking, black isn’t actually a colour. It’s a shade. But, let’s go with it being a colour for now. In addition to its negative connotations with death, darkness, and evil, black also evokes a ‘hidden’ feeling and can be seen as mysterious and hidden from the world. Perhaps not the sensation you wish to create!

White. I know, I know, another shade, for the purpose of this blog, let’s pretend it’s a colour!  While it notoriously conveys sterility, pureness and cleanliness, it also provides minimal stimulation for the senses, too much of it simply looks dull and uninspiring.

Red. Red boosts your energy levels and increases adrenaline.  It acts as an alert and is considered a highly dynamic  colour. We also associate this colour with passion and romance. All in all, a great colour for marketing!

Green. Green is the colour for growth and peacefulness. Often used in environmentally friendly companies, it promotes a clean, reassuring and balanced feeling, a marketing YES!

Orange. Widely seen as a fun colour!! It represents warmth and happiness which provides us with feelings of optimism and trust. With its associations to sunshine, rainbows and bright light, orange brings a positive outlook on life and portrays good health, another good one to include in your marketing efforts.
Blue. Blue is considered the colour of honesty, loyalty and trust. It’s also a calm colour with soothing effects, which may be why it is favoured by most people, but more particularly by men. It goes hand in hand with the aforementioned Green. This could be one of the reasons that doctors and nurses wear blue and green.

Yellow. An optimistic colour. Yellow is known to be uplifting, happy and cheerful. It goes well with Orange, however, it is also the most illuminating colour so it can be straining on the eye, providing a feeling of anger and frustration. It’s perhaps best used in moderation!

The above findings while useful, may not have the same impact on your specific market. I’m sure the Vampire world would respond quite well to black marketing!  The only way to truly test which colours work for your marketing is to test them on your audience, and, even after testing, every customer is different and their responses to each colour may not remain the same.  Their mood, location and type of device being used may all impact on their preferences at any given time. It’s all a bit of a case of trial and error. Of course, sticking to ‘safe’, ‘happy’ colours is the safest option.You should always be tracking and recording your response rates, even more important when you are trying different visuals, this tracking is the only way to see which type of marketing works best for you.

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