Converting Those All Important Leads.

Lead The Way

So you’ve got the website, you’re doing the social media; facebooking this, tweeting that, linking and pinning and you’re managing to get plenty of leads. Well done you! Now comes the hard part; converting those leads into sales. There’s so much emphasis in the industry on generating as many online leads as possible that some firms focus all their attention on this, forgetting the most important part – what to do with them.

What To Do Next.

  • It might be helpful to validate your leads straight away. Check that contact details are correct and that it is somebody that is of interest to you. This will save a lot of wasted time and improve conversion rates.
  • Don’t delay. When they have identified themselves as a prospect, they’re ready.  The web waits for no man; delay and they may have already bought from a rival or moved onto something else. Follow up by phone three, four or even five times if you have to.
  • Perfect your internal systems. Ensure a sales team is able to respond real-time to leads – perhaps even create an online-only response team. Also, spend time training them up, especially on customer service and phone etiquette. Sales staff should be genuinely helpful, not manipulative and pushy.
  • Stand out. Create an amazing offer that they can’t refuse. Make sure that your grab and hold their attention to convert the prospect into a sale.
  • Spend time on your content. Educate your prospects. Be their expert. Writing should be slick, dynamic and compelling but not too obviously sales-driven and not too text heavy.
  • ACTION. Calls to action need to be clearly visible, and no more than one per page for maximum effect.
  • Measure, measure, measure. Track conversion rates to understand how you’re doing, where you’re failing and hopefully where change is needed. Measure site traffic to see where it’s coming from. Is it the right kind of traffic? If not, it should give you some idea on what kind of new content is needed.

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