Direct Mail – Don’t Rule It Out!

Cast your mind 5 – 10 years ago. Junk mail was the devil, an expensive way to clog up everyone’s letterboxes and bins. With the ever strong emergence of the cheaper, eco-friendly, more effective email marketing, direct marketing (DM) campaigns were widely believed to be facing extinction.

So, it is definitely with surprise that we now see a tentative return to direct mail by some of the big boys! In many ways, email marketing and direct mail have swapped roles. Many people now find emails annoying and are quick to delete any unwanted ‘spam’ from sender’s that they don’t recognise. We have become desensitised to the whole email marketing experience.

Back to the drawing board.

Is direct mail the new stand out marketing medium? The largely absent appearance of junk mail through our letter boxes means that with a well-thought out, targeted direct mail campaign, you may just get through to your audience! Younger prospects especially may view the whole experience as something of a novelty today. Other benefits of an actual hard letter or piece of material of some description are that there are no concerns over email client or browser compatibility – everyone gets the same experience when they open up that package. Also, DM can be any shape and size with no restrictions, unlike email formatting.

So, it sounds good right? Before you go planning a mass direct mail campaign, remember the mistakes made back in the day! Follow the same procedure you would with your email marketing, aka minimise the sales pitch and instead, focus on what you have to offer your customer in addition to the products or services you’re trying to sell.

Hints and Tips

Here are few of our pointers on how to build a genuinely effective direct mail campaign:

  • Start with a strong mailing list. Print can be expensive compared to digital so make sure your mail is getting to the right person at the right address
  • Be Clear. Your potential customer needs to know who you are! Bold contact details,branding and call to action are a must, especially because, unlike digital, there are no clickable web links
  • Track and measure or you’ll have no way to understand how well a campaign is performing
  • Choose materials wisely.You can have the most amazing design but if printed on poor material, you’ll provide a poor experience
  • Get creative. Print allows you to appeal to all the senses which you can’t with digital. Consider adding elements like sound, scent or differently textured print material.
  • Consider combining direct mail with other direct marketing activities to increase results.

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