Don’t Get Tangled In The Web

Be Seen Online

The modern era of the digital age can be a challenging sphere in which to define your brand. You need to stand out. But how? Follow our handy hints on how to create a memorable online presence.

Define Your Business Vision.
Prior to beginning any online marketing you really need to look at your business in its entirety. Outline what you want your business to be, it’s purpose and ethos. It is impossible to be everything to everyone so narrow your vision and target market down.
When outlining your vision statement, short and simple is the key, it is useful to look at your own perception; consider what grabs your attention online and work your business accordingly.
Your vision statement should be the basis for all business decisions; i.e. will this decision help you reach your vision? Re- reading your vision statement often will focus your mind to ensure your end goal is reached quicker.
Profile Your Target Audience
Outlining your vision will inevitable help you to streamline your target market. Understanding who your customer is will determine the most appropriate marketing outlet and where you need to be present online. Your customer demographic should be segmented as follows:
• Gender
• Age
• Marital status
• Household income
• Location
After confirming a stable customer profile, brainstorm what they do online; do they read blogs? Subscribe to email? Listen to podcasts. Streamlining in this way will enable you to market effectively and efficiently whilst ensuring that your marketing efforts are as cost effective as possible.

Narrow The Focus.
Whatever your product or service, you need to portray the notion that you are an industry leader. If possible, create a new category. Something niche. Becoming the first brand in a new category will allow you to become a leader in a new market segment.
In order to build a leading brand, you’ll need to do two things; firstly, launch the brand using terms such as ‘leader’ and ‘original’, ensure that perception centres around it being the first of it’s kind and describe it as such in the descriptions sections of your social media accounts. Secondly, when promoting online, endorse the new category in addition to your brand.
Ultimately, consumers don’t care about new brands, they care about new categories and how your product or service will be beneficial to their lives.

Provide Relevant Content.
In order to retain professionalism and expertise, appropriate, on point content is a must. Research what your market wants to discuss/hear about and develop your content accordingly. Think about how your company moves within popular topics and how your products/services fit in then write content accordingly.
Your potential customer should always be in the forefront of your business mind. Think about who you would like to reach and how your brand can help them. Considering your customer’s problems and requirements and tailoring your marketing to rectify these is a guaranteed way to grab attention from potential clients.
Downloadable material such as white papers and podcasts are very popular, so drill down into the common concerns of your audience to provide them with educational material, in this way, your potential clients will feel that they have something tangible in addition to knowledge. Educational marketing is the way forward; become that reliable resource willing to teach and you’ll soon be known as the go-to brand.
Educating people promotes trust. People like to do business with people they like. Testimonials are also great, sharing how others know, like, and trust your brand promotes a sense of security and value.

Be Consistent.
There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a website or social media page to find the content you most enjoy is gone, has been changed or contains no new posts.
Regular post will firmly establish your brand voice. This is critical for online promotion. Injecting a bit of personality and showing the human side to your brand will encourage your audience to connect. If your voice is playful, don’t change it, whatever avenue you take with your brand voice; make sure that you keep it consistent. People won’t enjoy reading something funny and witty one week only to read a more serious and sombre piece the week after. Consistency is what will bring viewers back to your page to see what’s new.
However, whilst consistency is important, it’s also imperative to allow your brand’s personality to grow and transform with the ever-changing world in which we live, this will add authenticity to your brand. Testing new strategies will allow insight into what is working for your audience at different stages of your business and may uncover new opportunities but be careful to balance it with your original ethos and defining attributes.

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