Does Your Email Marketing Need A Refresh For 2015?

Email marketing remains arguably the most popular medium to use in order to reach consumers. It proves to be almost 40 times more effective in the acquisition of customers in comparison to Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

Make sure that your email marketing hits all the right notes in 2014 with our great tips:

1. Go Mobile
Make your emails more mobile friendly. Mobile is the preferred method for reading emails with 65% of all emails being opened on mobile devices. Smartphones have allowed for the increase of use and the number of users continues to rise. By 2018, an estimated 1.8 billion smartphones will be used worldwide. Aim to grab your customer’s interest enticing them to make an immediate purchase.

How?  Use responsive design. In Layman’s terms, this means that your email will adjust to the screen size of the device on which it is opened. We can help with this.
Another great tip is to use a serif font for your headlines and a sans serif font for subsequent text. Both are easiest to read on a computer screen. Text size needs to be at least 12pt and no bigger than 22pt for optimum reading.

2. What Are Your Audience Interested In?
ASK THEM!! The quickest way to do this to carry out a survey. The type of content that interests them, the products and/or services that appeal to them will all be really helpful. Also, ascertaining how often they are happy to receive emails from your business would be useful!

How? Use a free survey product. We use SurveyMonkey, a really simple platform to implement. However, there are others we can recommend if you’d prefer. Surveys are easy to create with these DIY sites. We would advise to keep them short, no longer than 7 questions, otherwise you risk losing your audience. Once the survey is completed, it should direct people back to a product/service page on your website.

3. Measure Up
You need to be able to assess your results in order to improve on your strategy next time. Measuring the outcome of your email campaigns is as important as the campaign itself!

• Conversion Rate. This is how many people clicked your link and made a purchase from the email you sent? The average conversion rate is 5-10%.
• Bounce Rate. This is the number of emails that were undeliverable. The average bounce rate is industry dependant between 8-12%.
• Open Rate. This is the number of emails that were actually opened. The average open rate is 18-25%.
• Unsubscribe Rate. This is the number of people that clicked ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of your email. The average unsubscribe rate is .25%.

4. Email, email, email!
You’ve spent hours creating your blog posts, videos and images. Why not make them into email content! This will not only increase the number of eyes viewing your content but it could also increase your website traffic. If you send out a section of a specific article, blog, video, image, post etc. and prompt the client to ‘read more’ by directing them to your website, you will inevitably get more visits to your website.

How? Choose content that has already received a lot of hits, likes or attention. It’s a good indication that your readers enjoyed them. Don’t include an entire article in your emails; include only a teaser, and then link to the rest of the article on your website or blog.

There are many factors that go into a successful email campaign. You can try different things as you go along. Make sure that you plan ahead, and are always reflecting on your work in order to see how you can improve, what to change and what to keep. You will soon be on your way to a better email marketing strategy.

We can help with the entire email marketing sphere; content writing, blogs, vlogs, proof reading, you name it, we can help!  To discuss your marketing plan today, just give the office a call 01795 430030 or email: