Ignore Your Website And It Could Be Detrimental

Does your company have a website?  Sure it does.

Do you ever update it? I’m sure that you post new blogs, articles, news, upload video, tweets etc.  You’d be mad not to right?

What about the design of the site?  When did you last update that?  6 months, 12 months, 2 years, never?

“We don’t need to update our website”, you say – “it’s up there – the company, colours, logo and overall image never changes – why should I update that?”…..

How about £11.8 Billion Reasons?

Today, apple announced QUARTERLY profits from its mobile business of $18 BILLION, (that’s £11.8bn), they sold 74.5 million handsets – between October and December.

That’s a colossal figure in anyone’s business.  The previous record holder for quarterly profit was ExxonMobil who reported profits of $15.9bn (£10.5nb).

Why does that matter to your website?

Mobile marketing and Mobile sales are increasing more and more each day.  In fact, it’s been reported that the top 500 companies in the world are saying that people viewing and using the desktop version of their websites has significantly dropped over the past 12 months, being replaced by people using their mobile devices to view the site instead and as a result they are getting more visits.

Is your website optimised and designed to be responsive?

“Responsive Design”, although not a new term, is relatively unknown outside of web design and marketing circles.  Essentially, these sites are designed to automatically fit to the screen of whatever device the individual is using to view the site without compromising the overall user experience.  It ensures that if a user is viewing a website from a mobile device, a tablet or a desktop, the site fits perfectly on the screen, whilst retaining the sites usability.

83.1 Million UK Adults have smartphones

According to Ofcom, in 2014, 61% of the UK adult population own a smartphone which equates to 83.1 Million UK mobile subscriptions.  That’s a lot of potential viewers of your website.  Now, I hear what you’re saying – “but they won’t all visit my site. It’s very niche and only for select people”.  That’s as maybe, but these figures are not going to go down.

The future (and it has been for some time) is mobile and unless your business makes the necessary upgrades to your digital footprint, by making your website responsive so that it can be easily viewed on a mobile device, you are leaving your company profits well and truly in the hands of your competitors.

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