Get More Retweets on Twitter

Unlucky for some? 13 ways to get more retweets on Twitter.

  • Be Alluring!
  • It’s no secret that content is king on Twitter and all social media actually, if you’re not posting good quality, interesting content, you’re not going to earn those all-important retweets!


  • Think Link!
  • It’s been proven that tweets containing links harvest more retweets than generic content. Try linking to your blog, a newspaper story or any other interesting content. Use a URL like to keep links short.


  • # Use Hashtags
  • Hashtags have become a fundamental aspect of the 140 character social media site (and others). Tweets including a hashtag have been shows to increase the chances of a retweet by almost 16%.


  • Include Pictures.
    Everybody loves a picture. They speak a 1000 words don’t you know.

  • Utilise numbers and statistics
    Despite the somewhat dubious reputation associated with statistics, social media users love them! According to studies, tweets that feature numbers are almost 20% more likely to be retweeted.

  • Avoid overdoing the self-promotion
    Social media marketing has to include some degree of self-promotion, it is marketing after all, but don’t expect company-centric tweets to gain much attention. Instead, use popular topics to reel your followers in and then talk business.

  • Mention other Tweeters
    Mentioning other Twitter users extends your can reach to more and different followers than your own. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of;
    a) increasing your own following
    b) earning a valuable retweet

  • Retweet other users
    Whichever platform you use; one of the keys to a successful social media campaign is the understanding that there is a high level of give and take. In terms of Twitter, if you retweet another user’s tweet, they’re more likely to retweet yours. Simples.

  • Be positive
    Whatever type of content you’re tweeting about, it’s vital to adopt a positive approach and to demonstrate enthusiasm. If you’re not confident or optimistic about what you’re tweeting, why would anybody else be?

  • Tweet during ‘busy’ times.
    To maximise your chances of grabbing the attention of your followers, post at times when they’re online. In many cases, this will be outside of traditional working hours, at lunch, during the evening or over the weekends. Don’t work weekends? Use scheduling software to post your tweets.

  • Reach out to an international audience
    The internet has made it easier for businesses to work internationally. If you’re looking to reach an international audience, you’ll need to remember to interact outside of your time zone. Again, use scheduling apps to help you post tweets at times relevant to your overseas followers.

  • Don’t go tweet crazy
    In the world of Twitter, less is often more. If you’re looking to make a real impact, and if you’re looking for retweets, be sure to limit the number of tweets you post in a short time frame. Too many tweets in quick succession will get lost in the ‘noise’ while a single tweet at the right time can be hugely successful

  • Ask for a retweet
    Finally, if you really want that precious retweet, just ask. Sure not all of your followers will acquiesce, but you might be surprised by just how many will be happy to oblige.

  • So there you have it. 13 simple Twitter Tips to help get your Tweets noticed and retweeted. There is so much more to using twitter and social media in general, so if you need any help or want some advice on the best way forward with your marketing, give us a call:  01795 430030 or email:

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