The Importance of Consistent Marketing

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit’

This quote couldn’t be more suitable to the notion of Marketing.
Marketing isn’t confined to a simple one-time action for promoting your business, product or service offering. You need to see it is a process rather than a sporadic offering. An imperative component of all marketing is consistency, for a variety of reasons;

Relationship Building:
Consistent marketing keeps the lines of communication with customers and prospects open. Over time, the consistency of all marketing mediums is what builds relationships with the individuals that are on your email list, distribution list, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. It keeps your company fresh in the minds of consumers. As relationships deepen, it makes it more likely that these subscribers make purchases from your business instead of another competing business.

Customer Education:
You obviously know your product or service inside out but customers and prospects may take some time to gain a full understanding. When you consistently provide marketing messages that contain relevant and useful information about your company, customers and prospects begin to gain a full understanding of how your business, product or service could potentially benefit them. If your marketing is too irregular, too much time will elapse in which they could’ve received vital information about your business. Delayed provision of knowledge will stop the potential customer from gaining a full understanding of what it is you have to offer them. If a customer or prospect does not understand the benefits of what you are selling, they are unlikely to buy.

Sales Boost:
Consistent marketing can not only make your business money, but can also save your business time AND money. Email marketing specifically is an inexpensive way to reach current and potential customers. When your email marketing messages are going out on a regular basis, it can shorten the sales cycle for your business. For example, if a customer becomes accustomed to receiving an email from your business every two weeks that contains a voucher, the voucher may give extra incentive to the customer to make a new or additional purchase from you. If the customer receives very few emails from your company, they may forget about your business in the interim and make a purchase from a competitor that does email them consistently and is thus at the forefront of their mind regularly instead.

Fulfil Expectations:
Consistent marketing messages help to fulfil the expectations of those on the receiving end. People subscribe to your email or distribution list, like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter or connect with you on LinkedIn because they want to receive messages from you and learn more about your business. When you steadily send messages to them, they come to expect it, you fulfil their needs. When you fail to stick to the schedule, they may feel a sense of disappointment. Or worse, they may wonder if your business is still around and thriving.

Create Trust and Expertise:
When your consistent marketing messages contain useful and relevant information to the audience, it builds trust between your business and your subscribers. Make your content useful and informative, not simply a pitch for your business. You will then outline yourselves as expert. Your customers and prospects will look to you for hints and tips and industry knowledge and be driven to buy from you.  When customers make a buying decision, they typically choose to work with someone they trust and view as an expert.

The above are all true but perhaps the simplest and most important reason to maintain your marketing is because, quite simply, if you don’t, somebody else will! Today’s world is exploding with business minded entrepreneurs who continuously strive to push their business forward. You need to be constantly marketing your business in order to just keep up with the competition, never mind beat it.

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