Up Your Game. Video Marketing.

Videos; animated videos, corporate cartoons, web videos, marketing videos, whatever form they’re in, they’re bombarding the world of marketing. Online videos can make your websites and campaigns amazing, a fantastic medium to professionally showcase your brand’s best bits, solidifying your ethos and engaging your audience.

Text can often appear overly lengthy, complex and a bit boring! Also, your target market may not always understand some of the terminology used. Animation can bring it to life and help explain better what it is you want to communicate, lead conversion rates should also increase as your business is understood better.  Videos are a powerful way to communicate with prospects and leads through compelling image and sound, straight from the landing page. Research even suggests that people absorb information better when it’s conveyed via video/images.

Why Video?

You might feel that your current marketing efforts are working just fine! So why do you need web animation?

  • To improve SEO. A no-brainer. Launch a YouTube channel, post your video, tag it AND embed it on your site. Google should reward you with a higher search ranking.
  • To boost conversions. Watching a video will not only encourage customers to spend longer on your site thus, engaging more with your brand but research shows that consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a product video.
  • Increase click throughs and open rates. These can both be increased with the right type of video. An eye catching, attention grabbing video is far more likely to be shared than more traditional content.
  • It’s reusable. You’ll want everyone to see your fabulous video! So do it, use it in pitches, internal presentations or even as a networking tool. 

How To Create The Best Video.

Follow our handy hints to create a fantastic video.

  • Always consider your audience. Tailor your content to them and be selective. No one wants to watch a video of you droning on for hours.
  • Keep it bite-sized. Even though users are more forgiving of video content you need to keep it short and swee. More than 2-3 minutes and you risk losing them.
  • Start with a script.Ensure you get the tone and messaging right from the start. Worry about the animation/video bit later.
  • Really think about what the product/service can do for the consumer, how it can help. Ideally you want to incite an emotional and personal response.
  • Embed don’t host.Hosting the finished video can slow down your website, especially on a mobile device. Embedding a video from YouTube will not only save your speed, but can help boost SEO on Google.
  • Measure. How else are you going find out how the video performed?

Like the idea of branching out into the animated hemisphere but don’t know where to start? We do!

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